How can I respond to God’s love?

We were asked this question the other day in formation.  God loves me more than I can possibly imagine.  I am His beloved son on whom His favor rests!

So how did I respond to this question?  How can I respond to God’s love?

First of all, I need to do a much better job of actually receiving His love.  It is so easy for me to put some sort of wall up that prevents me from receiving God’s love.  For some reason, I continue to fall into the lie that God is angry with me because of my failures and sins.  I put the Lord into a box where I say that He can love me in this way or that way, but not in His complete fullness of love way.  But the truth is, we can’t control how much God loves us.  He loves us so much it is beyond our own ability to comprehend.  The Lord desires to just pour out His love into us, but for some crazy reason I try to limit how He loves me.

I need to really dive into prayer, and truly see how God loves me and then receive that love.  During our morning Holy Hours, I have found it so great to just sit in the Lord’s presence and let Him love me.  I’m beginning to recognize more and more all the blessings the Lord constantly gives me each day.

So, first, I need to fully let God love me.  Next, I need to take the love that I receive from the Lord and just give it out to everyone else.  To do this, I need to die to my own desires.  The Lord calls us to constantly put the needs of others before our own.  This is what I’m feeling in my heart.  I want to become that completely self-giving man.  I desire to place the interests of others before my own.  But before I can pour out love on others, I need to keep receiving it first from God.  This is how I want to respond to God’s love.  To receive His love and then turn and give it to others.

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