Hey so here’s a fun little story for you….

I Love Pomegranates. I usually have them in smoothies and until recently I had never had them in actually fruit form, ok that doesn’t sound right, I mean I never had the fruit. I’ve always had it in things. But a friend of mine recently opened my eyes to the lovely fruit, and had me try it in its true form.

So I bought some last week at the store. I knew that all you could eat from the fruit was the seeds and when I got home I looked up the proper way to de-seed a pomegranate….it didn’t sound too hard. Cut open the fruit and pick out the seeds and throw away everything else. The online source did warn me that pomegranates are juicy and the juice stains, so I sound have water handy and old clothes on.

So today I decided I could spare a few minutes to de-seed a pomegranate for a light snack. Let me just start by saying this online source didn’t warn me that the juice could squirt 10 feet when you cut into the fruit, or that the “everything else” you just throw away gets everywhere! So long story short what I thought would take me 5 minutes took me a half an hour. I was covered in pomegranate juice and so was the kitchen….the extra un-needed stuff is overflowing the trashcan and what seemed like a fun little job started to turn into an ordeal.

About half way through my task, when I started to realize this wasn’t a few minute job I started to get angry, “Why is this taking so long?” I thought to myself. “I want this yummy snack right now!” And that’s when I caught myself. How many times a day do I think that, or do that. How many times a day am I thinking, “Ok when is this going to be done, it’s taking too long.” Why does everything have to be in fast forward mode? At that moment I slowed down, I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to have a half an hour to stand in my kitchen to mess it up….that is why I clean things….so I can mess it up again. I enjoyed getting messy with pomegranate juice all over me. I had fun and I took my time. Half an hour later I’m sitting on my back porch enjoying pomegranate seeds. I might add they taste even better, now that I understand what it takes to get to the good stuff. These small little seeds were defiantly worth the work it took to get them. And through it all I was able to enjoy a task that may seem long and “not worth the effort” I was even able to share the joy with my sisters (we all love pomegranates) by offering them the fruit of my labor…(no pun intended) What a wonderful afternoon!!!!

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