“Look Out”

Now Despite what I was told about Arizona…IT DOES GET COLD!!! And this weekend we were up in the mountains on retreat and we got to experience this with lows of 23 degrees. (Now any northern people reading this I get cold and wear sweatshirts in the summer so really anything below 65 is really cold for me!!) Lets just say I had on a lot of layer..scarfs and gloves all the time even indoors!! Anyways…it was cold and we were leaving after the retreat and all I wanted to do was go back to mesa and have some time to get ready for mass before Life Teen at St. Tim’s. Well Jon was driving and he had plans of his own. ..

Instead of turning the way to go home he turned the way to go up some mountain to take us to a place called the “look out”. I had heard this was all good and pretty but honestly this was the last thing I wanted to do. I was irritated in the inside that he was taking us there without asking any of us if we wanted to go just making a management decision, thinking what possibly could be so cool and pretty about this place and also thinking that I’m going to be spending a lot of time at Tepeyac this year can’t we just go another time.

But when we pulled up and saw what the “look out” and what he was trying to show us it was so beautiful!! We got out of the car and the wind was not as bad and it was starting to warm up and the view was amazing. The trip up there all became worth it and I for one second did not regret going! On the ride up this bumpy mountain trail to the “look out” I wanted to just say to Jon turn around cant we go do it later? Why do we have to see it now?

And I realized how many times do I do this with God? He will want to take me somewhere and I know it will be amazing and wonderful at then end, but I just say well can’t I do it later? Or sometimes I even lack the trust completely that I will like what it is at the top, or that the journey will be worth it. I was getting pretty car sick on the way up!! But God time and time again in my life has been showing me that it is worth it! In these time in my life when I find myself asking these questions it all comes back to God calling me to deeper trust in him and knowing that He will provide me!

Just this past week every day he has filling me with so much joy and showing me his love for me just in little things, like French bread from safe way that hot of the oven that cost 99 cents!!  Yeah be jealous it was sooo good!! And a chance to run around with 3 girls all around my sisters ages who just brought me so much joy since I have been away from my family! Small things every day God keeps doing to make me smile and laugh for no reason just because He loves me and I put my trust in Him to satisfy and provide for me! AHH God makes me soo HAPPY and is the only one who can do this!!

Resolution for the week:

Pick a person who doesn’t have a relationship with God and pray for them every day this week in a special way.

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