“We were meant to embrace, not just accept it.”-Needtobreathe

As humans I feel we so often just accept things.  We do not question or try to learn more for a better understanding.  Recently I have been noticing this in my own life as a woman, a christian, and even more as a Catholic. Example, I accept the truth that Jesus died on the cross to save me from my sins when I should really be embracing the fact that His death was for me because God is love and He wants to give that love fully to me.  God has been revealing in my heart how I need to stop just accepting things for what they are but TRULY embracing His gifts. Jesus came to this earth to die for me because he desired my heart and for me to give my life over to the plans He has for my life because His are much better plans then my own (I have learned thus far by just saying YES to His calls).  Learning and wanting to truly embrace things instead of just accepting has made me embrace and be greedy with the sacraments.  PRAISE GOD!

Michelle Benzinger once told us that we have a treasure chest of gifts as Catholics and we need to be constantly using the gifts God gave us.  I have truly been embracing my treasure chest and the most recent piece of gold I found was in Reconciliation.  Now I have always appreciated the gift of reconciliation but I just accepted it as a way to be forgiven for things I had done wrong with true absolution given by the grace of God.  But this week I had an amazing experience with Reconciliation.  Fr. Nick a priest from Hendersonville, NC was here retreating for the week.  He said mass for us everyday and his homilies were amazing!  In one of his homilies he said this, “When you call upon God as your Savior and Redeemer you are recognizing your sinfulness.”  This really stuck with me and I began calling upon God as my Savior and Redeemer.  Things began to pop up from my past…certain events that I had been to confession about but my mind was being flooded by them and I couldn’t make them stop.  When thinking back on the confessions I had had I was asking Jesus where He was in those moments.  Why was I remembering them?  Why were they being brought up?  I had gone to confession because I knew I had done something wrong and needed forgiveness but then it HIT me…had I ever asked for Gods redemption?  Had I ever asked for Him to redeem, purify, and return me to the innocence before I had ever experienced these sins not just for His forgiveness? I wanted Him to shine a new light on me, to remind me of His grace brought to me when He redeems, to truly know how to embrace His want to redeem me.  He wants to redeem us all, to purify us all, to return us to the childlike faith where all our hopes are in Him.  Gosh He is so amazing!  Open your hearts to embrace His treasure chest!

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