Rejoice! And be crazy…??

Usually it goes like:  Rejoice! And be glad!  But this morning in formation, we heard this new version.  So what am I talking about?

It’s time for rejoicing. The Lord has called me to serve Him as a missionary!  How awesome is that!  It’s so exciting being able to serve God in this way.  The Lord has called us together as missionaries and we have said yes to His call.  It is so joyful being able to live a life of prayer, service, and self-giving.  This is how God has personally called me to serve Him.  Each day, we devote ourselves fully to this mission, God’s mission.  So rejoice!  There is so much joy in the total giving of ourselves for the Lord’s service.

So where does the word crazy come in?  Well, living a missionary life is not something most people do.  I don’t have a job.  I don’t have a salary.  I don’t have a car.  I don’t have any money in my savings account.  These are great blessings from the Lord though for those who have them.  As missionaries, we rely completely on God’s providence, living a life of total simplicity.  Some people may think we are crazy for doing this because it is not the “normal” thing to do.  It is such a blessed life though!  I don’t need to worry about where my next meal is going to come from, having a roof to sleep under, or how I’m going to get home to see family for Thanksgiving and Christmas because I know that the Lord provides.  Through total faith and trust in God, He provides.

So are we crazy for embracing missionary life?  Maybe, but we are crazy for the Lord.  We desire to give our lives fully to the Lord, and missionary life is the way that He has called each of us personally to do that.

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