Offering Poverty

We left Mesa last Thursday, heading up to Life Teen’s camp Tepeyac with the intention of helping serve for two youth groups combining for an Edge retreat.  This is what I knew about the retreat:

1. It was for middle schoolers.

2. Middle schoolers are insane(ly awesome?)

3. Miller and I were asked to lead 30 minutes of worship during Adoration

As the group arrived, Miller and I sat down with one of the youth ministers to talk about worship for the night.  Well, long story short, it turns out they needed us to lead more than just that 30 minutes.  It was more along the lines of all weekend.

This was kind of the theme for all of us this weekend.  What we expected to be an easy weekend helping with small groups and an ice breaker here or there turned into 3 of us preparing talks for the retreat, 3 days worth of music, and nights in cabins with the middle schoolers as chaperones (I know, sounds like fun, right?).

We showed up with our expectations and God threw everything else He had at us.  But, oh, did He provide.

Worship was amazing.  From the beginning the kids were jumping up and down, screaming out, flailing limbs (I don’t know if I would call it dancing…).  Even more amazing still was how the enthusiasm and energy they had turned into fervent prayer throughout the weekend as they truly entered into the prayer of worship during adoration and Mass.

I was floored how, in the midst of my anxiety and fear, the Lord could take me, my mediocre voice and crappy guitar and use me to lead his children closer to Him, the way He took what I had to give in my poverty and multiplied it infinitely.

This was our weekend.  A witness of God’s providence in our offering from our poverty.

Thanks to all the youth, teen leaders, Core, and Youth Ministers who made this weekend such an amazing experience.  You all witnessed to me more than you’ll know.

Much love.


Edge Retreat

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