Stripclub . . . its not what you think.

Ok, so first off, NO I did not go into a strip club.  And NO I DON’T WANT to go into one as well.  I just thought it would grab people’s attention

There is an epidemic that I think might be overlooked in prayer and in evangelizing.  I think we do a great job in the judgment department, as well as the condemnation department for this epidemic.  But do we ever really focus time on praying for souls who are lost in the disease of lust?  This might be an uncomfortable topic for many.  Maybe because you are one of them or maybe because you were brought up to never talk about it.  I don’t know.  And I am not going spend time yelling at certain people or judging them or even offering advice.  Really all I want to do is to share an awesome experience that I had this past weekend. True Story:

One of the families here has a daughter who is just the most innocent precious child ever.  Everyone just loves her!  Her and her dad were driving around the mountains doing a Meals on Wheels route.  As they drove they passed a sign that said ‘The Playhouse’.  It was a sketch building and located right next to a bar.  This innocent girl piped up and said “Hey dad! That must be one of those houses where they have all those mirrors and bouncy things and crazy slides! We should go sometime!” . . .

Whoa . . .

The dad’s heart literally broke into two when he heard her.  This was a building that he had passed everyday on normal business.  HE knew what it really was. He knew that it was not just a house of mirrors.  It did not have any bouncy rooms, or crazy slides.  It was not a place for children.  BUT, how many times had he passed it while driving.  How many times did he glance over at it and not think anything of it.  How many souls had he seen go in there to attempt to satisfy their hearts through an utterly unfulfilled way.   He had been feeling a call from God to begin praying for this place and others, but there was always something more important to do.  There was always other mission work to do.

I can’t say for sure what exactly he was feeling.  But, if I had been him I would have passed this place.  I would have felt the call from God to do something, but would have passed it for easier work.  For work that I was used to doing and felt more comfortable doing: fixing houses, praying for the old, helping the poor and weak, ministering to youth.  All of this I am used to and feel very comfortable doing.  I like it because I KNOW it.   It’s easy for me!  But sometimes God is calling us to do something that is a little bit harder.  Something that we don’t always want to do and that feels impossible.  This strip club has probably been open for awhile, the people who go in are not looking for Jesus at all in this establishment.  I am almost positive that when this father passed and heard the call he probably thought: Yeah right! You are asking something impossible God! Where would I even start?! These people would eat me alive!  I would have thought this! So like me, he stayed silent to the call until his first daughter had the innocence to bring back with full power.  His heart BROKE! Just like God’s heart is breaking everyday for his children!  At that point there was no ignoring the call.

At this point, it is a little hard to begin anything.  Where to begin, was a question that was still a massive wall in the mind of the dad.  But there is something that is more powerful than any physical act we could attempt and is great for laying foundation: PRAYER!  So the Dad came back and spoke to a few of us to plant this story in our minds.  He did not really intend for anything substantial to come fast, but he wanted to share this story with us anyways.  For all of us it struck a chord.  And so on this past Saturday night, three of us went to the strip club . . .

We parked across the street in our van and began to pray the rosary.  It was hard.  We saw quite a few cars roll in during that time and we watched people get out.  Men AND women.  People who were trying to be fulfilled in a place that only holds evil.  I will repeat that it was HARD.  It was SAD.  It was horrible.  To see those people losing themselves. To see women thinking this was the only thing they could do to stay alive.  Women, who had reached a point that their body was just another physical tool to earn money.  MEN and women who had sunken to the lowest of the lows.  They had gone past using their own bodies but began to use other people for satisfaction.  Men who should have been the PROTECTORS!  Men who should have been the ones to STOP it.  These were the men who now had begun using this amazing gift for their own benefit.  They were ABUSING the CHILDREN OF GOD.

We said our rosary and drove home.  I brought my guitar and just lightly played a couple songs on the way back.  But, I think that all of us were more thoughtful than song-filled.  Near the end of the drive I just strummed a couple chords and kept repeating to myself: Jesus, save us from ourselves.  That was exactly what I was feeling right then.  These people were trying to take their fulfillment and satisfaction into their own hands.  They had forgotten the voice of God.  They had forgotten what Christ felt like and were taking charge of themselves.  I feel more sad for them than anger.  I cannot imagine what they had to grow up with to now be in this situation.

So that is my prayer for today: Save us from ourselves.  Do not let us take control.  Please, save us from our own voice, the voice of society.  A voice that is not in tune with yours.  I pray for the events in our lives that cause us to slip into this feeling of fear and hopelessness, of pride, of jealousy and lust, of unfulfillment.  Events that might have caused loneliness.  Situations that caused us to feel unloved or uncared for.  Whatever it is that brought those people there on that night.  I pray for them.

I am listening to the song God of this City by Chris Tomlin.  It is an amazing song and reminds me of what is going to come someday.  It reminds me of the hope for our people.  It reminds me that what we experience right now and where our society has ended up is NOT what it is supposed to be!  It is NOT what it is going to be like!  Someday there will be a city of God where greater things happen.  A city where there is no hopelessness, restlessness, and no darkness.  A city of GOD.  Greater things are yet to come, Greater things are STILL TO BE DONE . . .

I honestly don’t know what else to say.  There is so many feelings that are rolling around in my heart.

God Bless


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