Christ Centered

It truly is a blessing when you see a couple that is truly Christ Centered take the next step in their relationship.  My best friend that I have literally known since I was born got engaged yesterday on the center T of the Tennessee Volunteers football field.  Carrie and her Fiance (o so weird and exciting to say) Taylor, are huge fans of the Vols and the moment was so perfect and special for the two of them.  They have been dating for five years and for five years nothing has been more important to them than keeping Christ at the center of every decision they have ever made together.  I know Christ will bless their marriage 100 fold. Congratulations!!  I love you guys!

It is so important to remember to have Christ centered relationships even with friendships.  Christ needs to be the first person you bring all your longings and needs to and He is ALWAYS there for you.  Let God hold your hearts and He will take care of everything.   LOVE! FAITH! TRUST! I am so fortunate to have parents whose relationship is Christ centered as well as this year at Covecrest I am surrounded by Holy Families that just radiate the model of Jesus Mary and Joseph.  Benzingers, Balls, and now the Opitzs…not to mention all the amazing families who we get to interact with every weekend like the Flynn’s in Boston or the Grangers with Family Missions Program. God has blessed me with some amazing earthly role models of how to live a Christ like life through marriage and family and faith.


Phil 1:21, Romans 12:12

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