Lord, there is nothing I have done or could ever do to deserve your love, but you have very clearly chosen me for this missionary year and to be so blessed to have this new family of Life Teen!

Wednesday night, last night in Boston, I experienced my first LIFT. It’s a northern or Boston version of XLT. Adoration was unbelievable and the music was beautiful. Matt gave another fabulous talk on the Eucharist. He talked about how so often we want God to heal us of some sin or addiction, and that’s good, but the root of the sin is so much deeper. For example, a man who is addicted to drugs… the healing has to be deeper. Jesus Christ didn’t come to heal just our bodies, He came first and foremost to heal our SOULS! A man addicted to drugs needs to know in the depths of his soul that he is God’s beloved son and is so loved by Him. Sometimes it is in God’s will to heal people of their bodily dysfunctions, but more importantly God is concerned with our soul. That is why we MUST receive the Eucharist. He loves us so intimately that He wants us to receive completely union with Him through the Eucharist. He wants to be INSIDE OF US to heal our souls. This puts into perspective for me so much why we aren’t able to see God in the Eucharist. He isn’t there to bring pleasure to our eyes or to have us understand Him completely… or He wouldn’t be God! It’s so much deeper than that…. Only the eyes of our soul can see Christ in the Eucharist. I pray that I may always remember this and grow deeper and deeper in love with the Eucharist. Before LIFT there was time for reconciliation and personal prayer back at the conference, and the missionaries were asked to pray over anyone in the conference who wanted prayers. It was unbelievable, and I felt like God stretched me so much. I could never thank God enough for using me as His vessel.

So there are ALL my notes from the conference! It was an experience I’ll never forget. O and p.s. Alyssa and Erin got us Starbucks EVERYDAY! Can you believe that? 7 pumpkin spice lattes and 1 white chocolate mocha (which was mine :) ) everyday! They’re SOOO WONDERFUL!

Life Teen Boston Conference= beautiful. I am really amazed by the staff and the missionaries that were there. If you say yes to God, He will bless you a hundredfold. I really noticed above all else the humility of everyone working the conference. It is so evident that the leaders of Life Teen, like Randy Raus, center their days and lives completely around prayer. I especially loved Randy’s humility and the way God was able to use him in such a radical way during that conference.

That’s it for the conference! More blogs to come from back home at CoveCrest :)

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