Oct 3rd – Oh Community

IMG_4178There are many fun things that happen while living in community.

John Paul II Statue – Last year the missionaries at Covecrest somehow came across a John Paul II statue. I’m not sure if the girls or the guys started this tradition, but hiding the JPII statue in the most unexpected places became somewhat of a competition between the girl missionaries and the guy missionaries. I heard that one time JPII was hidden in the ice machine :) Well this year, the girls started off the JPII extravaganza by hiding him in the boys shower while they were away for a hiking trip. It was fun :)

P90x - This workout became popular among the Life Teen family and it was introduced to us on our first week at Covecrest. I did it once and I was sore for a good 5 days after I worked out, I was so sore that even getting out of bed the next morning was a feat. Whew. It’s definitely a good workout but I don’t think its the work out for me. Haylee (dear friend/Covecrest missionary) had this other workout by Jillian Michaels, so a bunch of the girls (and some of the Benzinger and Ball kids) tried it out, it was great and I could move the next day :) Kevin Hickey (Life Teen staff) is totally into P90x, he is very dedicated and determined to be healthy and take care of himself, more than one of the missionaries have noticed that and we’re definitely encouraged by his dedication/determination.

Not Alone – I think it’s a very human tendency to think that we are alone in our struggles; that we are the only one that are going through something and that no one understands. This lie, the lie that we are alone in our struggles makes it seem like whatever we are going through is too difficult and even impossible to overcome. We can believe that God is good and mighty and all powerful and that He can do anything for anyone but He can’t fix that one thing that we struggle with. This mentality, this lie is just that – a lie. We are not alone. We all fight a hard battle at different times in our lives. And there is no struggle that you could ever face that no one has ever faced before. The truth is God is not limited to what He is able to do. Not only that, the beauty is that He doesn’t act just because He is able, He acts in our lives because He loves us. So the truth is that He wants to love you, He wants to heal you, He wants to bring a fullness of life in you. While living in community, this is a truth I have been reminded of big time because I found myself giving into the lie that I was the only one struggling with feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and feeling homesick. My mistake was to not share what I was struggling with with my community. You see if we don’t share what is going on in our lives, it makes it impossible for someone to speak truth to us in order to shatter the lies we’re giving in to.

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