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We are officially back from Boston and have had no time to really rest and recuperate.  I feel like a walking zombie today… BUT, Boston was AMAZING!!!!!  I have been sitting here at Covecrest for the first month honestly wondering if God was really moving in my life.  I was frustrated because I hadn’t seen any change!!  But I think that it is really easy for us to get down on ourselves.  I think that just six hours away from camp I began to realize the change that God was doing in my heart.  Don’t laugh at me in this story, even though I laugh at myself, lol (i bet everyone in my group is writing about this)!

We stopped for Mass in the morning in Roanoke, VA. There happened to be a lady there who was a doctor assisting in the 40 Days of life program at the local abortion clinic.  She began talking to us and was really pushing us to stop by and pray with the people there.   Now, I have never been to one of these things.  I am definitely Pro-Life and support other people doing this stuff but never was interested in going to one myself.  However, for some reason this idea really tugged at all of our hearts. We were on a schedule, but the thought passed through my mind: what kind of missionaries are we if we are just focused on our destination and a schedule.

So we decided to stop by and take some time to pray.  We followed her directions and when we dropped in, there were only two people there: Barney and Laura. All eight of us piled out of the big van and I grabbed my guitar and we literally just attacked them with hugs!!!!

I am going to pause here because I really want to emphasize the fact that it was pure JOY that came out of our hearts!!! Sometimes when people tell a story, the feeling gets lost.  I don’t want that to happen.  THIS WAS PURE LOVE AND JOY that poured out!!!! There is not enough exclamation marks that can cover what happened or the excitement that was there.  I am getting excited right now reliving it.

I was completely and utterly on fire for some reason(as was the rest of the missionaries).  Everyone was talking excitedly and trying to yell over each other.  I am reminded now of a scene of a Greek family who meets for Christmas and the excitement and hugs and kisses that occur when they walk in the door.  That was this.  We were family.  Barney began to tell us about the clinic and that it was the only one for several counties (this means that it was a pivotal point).  We went through the introductions and went straight into praying.  I am not one for a lot of public praying or playing guitar but for some reason it just felt so right to stand there on the edge of the street and just pray and praise God!  We did not hesitate with our voices.  I felt like such a hippie but it was awesome!!!

We never saw anyone walk in there while we were there, but I am positive that we were not there for the building or the people walking in.  Because we were just passing through, I think that God had another plan for us, which was to inspire and convict Barney and Laura.  The two people who are there for the entire day.  Laura began to cry near the end and told us that she had almost given up.  Nobody was volunteering to sit out in front of the clinic to pray except the two of them.  But when we jumped out of the van on fire to praise God and to pray, she was stunned. She didn’t believe that we were there!  It was only an hour, but when we left it felt that Barney and Laura were a part of family.  They were a part of us.  I am probably going to remember this memory for quite sometime.  I still feel like dropping to my knees and thanking the Lord for that experience!

I can’t say enough how unlikely this story would have been a month ago.  Which goes to show that God is truly moving.  He is a crazy and amazing God.  And I am beginning to be in awe of the power of his movements.  I am struggling to put this into words so I think I will stop trying and just leave at that. . . . there are no words that are adequate for God

God Bless


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