Hello World

Hello friends, family, strangers, and enemies (I love you)…

So this would officially be my first blog ever.

Don’t be disappointed…

Well, we’ve begun.  I am officially a Life Teen Missionary.  A week ago today myself and 17 other young adults from the far reaches of the world gathered here at Covecrest in Tiger, GA for a month of training before being sent out for a year of missionary life.

Now, as with the beginning of all new things there are bound to be several common questions.  I will attempt to address a few of them here.

1. What does a Life Teen Missionary do?

2. Why does a Life Teen Missionary do that?

3. Do you bunch or fold your toilet paper?

Okay, so here we go…

1. I think the term missionary carries a lot of weight these days.  Typically when one hears of a Christian missionary they picture starving African babies, Mexican orphanages, and the construction of outhouses in the plains of India.  Obviously, being based out of Mesa, Arizona (and having an extreme displeasure with dealing with fecal matter) it doesn’t seem this is the type of thing I’ll be doing. 

So what exactly will I be doing as a Life Teen Missionary?

The answer is probably way easier than you’d necessarily like.  The entire purpose of this year is to discover my identity as a son of God the Father.

So how does one reconcile this fact with the typical “social-activist-tackling-the-worlds-greatest-issues” view of a missionary?  Check out answer 2 for more details…

2.  Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Dang Nick, couldn’t you have just kept typing.  Seriously, was the addition of another blank line necessary?”  To which I respond, no.  Being a first time blogger I felt the need to bulk up the body of this thing to appear like I actually had more intelligent things to say to the casual blog viewer.  Of course, you having actually read up to this point now know that is completely false…

So back to it…

Mission can not be separated from our identity as God’s sons and daughters.  It is only from the discovery and understanding of that identity that we can truly be sent out on mission.  Understanding mission as flowing from our identity, mission as a language written into us, we must draw closer to the heart of God in order to find it.

Confused yet?  (It’s okay, I’m a little too…)

So where does that leave us?  What does that look like?

This year is about a community rooted in prayer.  Prayer is the heartbeat of what we are doing.  By deepening our roots, from there we allow the spirit to guide us out into mission. 

And honestly, we don’t know exactly what that is going to look like yet.  Strangely enough, I’m learning to be okay with that.  As our missionary sister, Kristin, said, “once you accept the invitation, once you say yes, all pressure is on God.”

Well, I’m here.  I accept.  Now, I guess I’m holding on for the ride.




Oh, and I bunch…

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