Be careful what you pray for

Since I arrived in Germany, I have prayed that I would get out of God’s way so he could work through me. Well, he answered my prayer though not how I imagined He would. In prayer, God was saying to me to “die to self.” I soon learned that what he meant was for me to give up my very cute apartment to live with other LifeTeen Missionaries. At 1st I was upset and disappointed at the thought of all the things I would have to give up- my independence, my privacy, my own space. I also have never had a positive experience living in community and could only think of all the problems that can arise living with others. But over the last few months, God has showed me how much more I will be gaining. I am learning that I won’t just have new roommates but will have a community of people who also want to grow in holiness. I will be living with people who will help me on this new journey God has me on, who will support me and grow with me. So, though I’m losing some things I’m gaining so much more. I know that living in community will not be easy but the rewards are far greater. I am truly excited to see what God has planned for me this year and how he will move in my heart.

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