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“Let Me Take a Selfie”: 5 Rules for the Perfect Selfie

I love people watching.

One result of this is that I have witnessed many people snap quick selfies in various (and sometimes awkward places)… the park, in the middle of the mall, at the airport, walking through the door, taking a walk, in the car, and yes- even in the bathroom.

I’m not sure where or how the “selfie” originated, but I imagine it probably consisted of duck lips, a peace sign, and a perfectly thought out pose. I’m pretty sure most of us have taken our fair share of duck faced selfies (I know it’s not just me!) and if you haven’t, don’t worry your time will come. Selfies have become a phenomena. Even our grandmas are taking them.


But it’s not only our grandmas who are taking selfies, in fact, people will do whatever it takes to get the perfect selfie — even if it involves taking it with a stick.

Check out a few of these epic selfies:

I guess no one had the heart to tell her that there were other ways to accomplish the task.

Apparently selfies can also be a near death experience.


Note to self: always check for flying baseballs before you take a selfie- you really just never know.

And finally, even the youngest of our generation have somehow managed to perfect the art of selfie taking:


Complete with baby duck lips, of course.

Needless to say, everyone loves a good selfie and our culture loves taking them. The “selfie” has been defined as many things, but it is said that a true selfie consists of one person, if there are a multiple people it is a “usie.” Selfies aren’t limited to any age group or culture; everyone from toddlers to grandma’s take selfies, even presidents and popes.

Don’t believe me?



All I’m saying is, if Pope Francis is doing it, it is most likely pretty cool. While taking selfies can be fun and humorous, as with most things, even something cool can lead us to temptation.

Here are a few quick rules to consider before posting your next selfie:

1. Don’t confuse selfie for self centered.

Selfies aren’t bad things. They can be really fun (and hilarious!). It’s exciting to share fun moments with our friends by taking a picture of ourselves but don’t allow selfies to just be an opportunity for everyone to see your face. Let selfies be about more than just your face (even though your face is totally awesome). Let your pictures capture an event, tell a story, or show a fun moment.

2. Live in the moment.

I know it’s tempting to document every single event or activity with a quick sefie to send via snap chat. These pictures can be fun, but they also have the tendency to distract us from the moment. The problem with taking constant selfies is that it distracts us from what is going around us — real human interaction. Try to limit your selfie taking, and embrace what is happening around you.

3. Don’t be afraid to post a picture without a filter.

There are numerous filters that we can add to our photos. While these filters can add fun effects, we can be tempted to believe that these filters make us “look better.” Don’t be afraid to post a selfie without a filter. The no filter you is the best looking you.

4. Be mindful of how often you post.

We have all had or news feeds clogged with a selfie of the same person with same pose over and over again. Trust me, you have a great face but we not everyone needs to see it every 10 seconds. This rule will help you be less self centered when posting and will also help you post selfies with intention.

5. Think before you snap.

We live in a culture where we post everything. We have to be sure we post with purpose. Don’t post a selfie just for the intention of getting likes, followers, or shares. Post with purpose and meaning, regardless if that means you “get likes” or not. Evaluate your heart before you share a selfie. Here are some good questions to ask yourself:

Why am I doing this? Do I just want attention? Am I doing it to get “likes” or is it because I want that one boy or that one girl to see a photo of me? If you answer yes to any of these questions- chances are you shouldn’t post the selfie. If you answered yes to the questions pray that the Lord will guide you in pure and selfless intentions.

I pray these rules will guide you to post photos that will glorify God. Now, let’s see your best selfie!

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