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Heaven, Help Us: Saints Who Will Pray for Your Purity

Q: My boyfriend and I are having a hard time staying pure when we’re alone together. Do you have any suggestions for saints that I can call on during prayer to help me stay pure?

A: Yes, there are some great saints who can help with purity and chastity. But before I share their names and why they’re so amazing, I think it’s important to mention when a good time to ask for their help is. You can’t plant yourself in a tempting situation (like being alone, on the couch, in your parent’s basement), and then think, “well, I prayed, and now I hope nothing bad happens.”

Of course, you should continue to pray at all times, but especially before you go on a date or spend time with your boyfriend. Pray that you will make good decisions. Ask for the wisdom, courage, and prudence to avoid temptation and the situations where it lingers. Whether that means you’ll leave the place you find yourself in, surround yourself by others, or end the date early.

Remember, the awkward feeling of an abrupt ending to a date is always better than the horrible regret feeling you’ll have later if you’re remain in that place of temptation.

So yes, pray for the saints’ intercession. Ask for their help in remaining pure and their practical wisdom on situations to avoid.

The Blessed Virgin Mary
She remained pure her entire life. She’s the perfect mother. Who better to ask for help?

St. Joseph
He was given the incredible task of guarding and raising the Son of God, all while laying down his life to serve Mary and remain pure with her. He’s especially good to pray to when seeking to guard another person’s purity.

St. Maria Goretti
She was a beautiful, young girl attacked by her neighbor who attempted to rape her. When she said that she would rather die than submit to him, she was stabbed to death. Her attacker later experienced a profound conversion when Maria appeared to him (after death) and told him that she had forgiven him.

St. Dominic Savio
He was a teenage saint. After his friends had been looking at a pornographic magazine, Dominic had the courage to remind them of how their sin would lead to separation from God.

St. Catherine of Siena
During her adolescence, she privately made a vow of virginity. To fight off temptations, she would say the name of Jesus repeatedly in her heart.

St. Augustine of Hippo
He was a great sinner early in his adult life, but went on to become a great saint. His writings reveal an honest search for holiness as he wrestled with the changes that he would need to make to be holy. On his path toward Christianity, he famously uttered, “Lord, grant me chastity, but not yet.” He understands how difficult it is, but also how rewarding purity and holiness are.

St. Agnes
She was martyred at age twelve for her faith. Many young men wanted to marry her, which would’ve protected her from martyrdom, but she was committed to living virginity for love of Christ. These were her dying words: “I already have a spouse, and I will not offend him by pretending that another might please me. I will give myself only to him who first chose me. So, executioner, what are you waiting for? Destroy this body that unwanted eyes desire.”

Your Guardian Angel
Remember God has given you your very own angel, who is always with you. Ask your angel to guard and guide you in every situation, dates included.

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