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Fortunate Fall: Why it Should be Your Next Music Purchase

What do you say about an album that’s not about the artist at all?

Audrey Assad’s newest, self-produced album, Fortunate Fall, is (in my opinion) the most bold yet humble move she could have made in her music career.

When you first turn it on, you might be tempted to think that she took a step back from the style of her last two albums and the fame that was ramping up for her as she inched closer to Christian pop and K-Love’s “most popular” list.

What happened? Why are these songs so simple and quiet? Most of them featuring mainly vocals and piano.

The answer is that this album is clearly the result of someone who has set themselves aside and given their talents to God to be used for His greater glory – not for their own rise to fame. That is talent in it’s purest form – in the service of God and others. It’s as if Audrey’s own personal journey of faith naturally led her to desire to help others deepen their faith. Isn’t that the Gospel mission and what we’re all called to?

Fortunate Fall is solely about who God is and our relationship with Him – we who are broken and sinful.

But then again . . . it’s not about our relationship with God. It’s about your relationship with God. You can’t turn on one of these songs and not be guided into a moment of prayer and into an encounter with God . . . almost unknowingly. It’s a deeply personal experience, as your soul is lifted to bigger and better realities than just an artist’s performance and display of skills.

It’s Hillsong without the show.

It’s church music without the organ lady.

It’s prayer that doesn’t feel forced.

Listening to this album is time spent adoring a God who deserves our constant adoration. He is Savior, Good Shepherd, Provider, Protector, Pursuer, the Way, Truth, and Light. You see, mature prayer isn’t just about the things God has done for you, it’s about praising God for who He is in His nature – a God who descends into our sinful condition to save us.

My favorite song on this album is “Humble.” Here are some of the lyrics:

“Humble in greatness, born in the likeness of men
Name above all names, holding our world in your hands
Not too proud to dwell with us, to live in us, to die for us,
Humble, oh humble Jesus . . .
We bow our knees . . . ”

It’s a perfect example of what I’ve been talking about, with it’s simple but beautiful melody, speaking of the truth about who God is and our need/desire to praise Him.

Do you want to learn to pray? Do you struggle to stay focused during prayer? Do you feel like you don’t have time to pray? Then you need to buy this album. Your prayer life is too important not to.

Buy it here on iTunes now!

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