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Election Aftermath

If you're anything like me, you probably got tired of this year's election. Just a quick glance at my Facebook feed let's me know that I'm not alone.

It got old watching TV ads about why 'Politician A' is so awful and why 'Politician B' is practically a canonized saint.

I got sick of opening my mailbox only to throw away multiple print ads everyday.

I got tired of the mud-slinging, name-calling, and lying that seems to spread through every election I've voted in.

Finally it's over! I can get back to my normal life, and my friends can get back to posting more pointless memes on Facebook.

But as I write this on Tuesday afternoon, we obviously don't know the results yet. There's even a chance that as you're reading this now, we still don't know the results. But there is one thing I do know . . . There are (or will be) a lot of disappointed people.

In any election someone wins, and someone loses. But in such a heated election, it seems likely that there will be some anger, disappointment, and maybe even some cynicism once this is all said and done.

Regardless of what has happened in this election, allow me to remind you of one thing that's been on my heart. One thing that none of us can forget and that we can all agree on.

God still wins.


In the end, God wins.

It may be tough to see that now. It may not feel like it. You may be tempted to give up hope, but just keep coming back to that thought.

In the end, God wins.

That doesn't mean that we don't stand up for our beliefs. That doesn't mean that whatever happens is okay just because God wins in the end.


It simply means that we remain faithful to the Lord, do our part, and most of all, trust in His plan.

So no matter what has taken place since yesterday, don't fall into despair.

Don't lose hope.

God still wins, and may He always bless this country, this world, and each and every one of us with His love, joy, and grace.

'Put no trust in princes, in mere mortals powerless to save. When they breathe their last, they return to the earth; that day all their planning comes to nothing.' – Psalms 146:3-4

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