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Life Teen
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If you have any questions about your donations, feel free to contact Jon Givens at or call 800-809-3902.

Life Teen Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. All contributions made are tax-deductible.

Quotes from Around the World

“I believe in the mission of Life Teen because the young people of the church are not only the future, but the church of today.” – Emily, summer missionary

“Life Teen has brought not only teens closer to Christ, but families as well.  Life Teen truly understands the young people and brings current issues to the forefront, using Scripture, to help these teens grow and stand firm in their faith… teaching them truth.  May God continue to bless the Life Teen movement!” – Colette, core member

“I believe in the Life Teen movement because it’s 100% authentic and 100% Catholic. I was led into a relationship with Christ because of Life Teen, and it was through Life Teen that I first heard God’s quiet invitation to discern His priesthood. I am more than half-way through seminary formation and, God willing, I will be ordained a priest of Jesus Christ in 2017, all because of the mission to lead teens closer to Christ!” – Kevin, Seminarian, Archdiocese of Boston

“We sang together, adored the Lord, prayed, lifted up petitions and just sat with Jesus asking the Lord to pray through us to the Father. Both parish priests were present, and the hour went by so fast! The feeling some of us shared was one of being in the Upper Room: small, close together, hardly noticeable from the outside world, spending time with Him who spends hours waiting in tabernacles across the world for us to be with Him. We realize that although gatherings are small here in Europe, and Christ is not part of society, He is here.” – JJ in the Roermond, Netherlands after a Life Teen XLT

“I believe in the mission of Life Teen because this ministry truly kept me Catholic and saved my life.” – Jacob, summer missionary

“Life Support gives the Core team the scripture and church teaching as well as media support necessary for delivering the Life Nights in an engaging way and helps develop their own faith.” – Judith, Chipping Norton, England


Transforming Teens

The Life Teen movement seeks to lead teens closer to Christ by offering life changing encounters with Christ and His Church.

Summer Camps

After one week at camp, teenagers lives are transformed forever. For over 11 years, Life Teen has been providing an incredible experience for middle school youth and high school teenagers to encounter God’s love in new, powerful, and dynamic ways at camp. Ropes courses, messy games, and tons of unique outdoor fun only found at camp set the stage for deeper experiences of Eucharistic Adoration, Mass, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We believe that God is calling us to grow camps throughout the United States, but we need your prayers and support to move forward with this important and large project.

Summer Missionaries

Over 100 young adults give of their summer to serve at one of our camps as summer missionaries. They are vital to the ministry that happens at each camp by providing relational ministry and operational support. But their experience doesn’t end at camp. They continue to become the Catholic leaders we need in our colleges, our parishes, and our communities.

Steubenville Youth Conferences

When you get thousands of teens, the most powerful speakers in the young Church today, and Jesus together for an epic weekend, you know good things are going to happen. We host three Steubenville Youth Conferences during the summer with over 7,000 teens attending. With collaboration from Franciscan University, we’re looking to expand our conference locations in the next few years, but will continue to need your prayers and support to reach more teens with the Gospel.

Life Teen Leadership Conference

We need leaders in the Catholic Church. And we need them to be young and joyful. We need them to understand Truth and share Truth with their piers. We need a generation of young Catholics to be transformed so they can go change the world for Christ. The Life Teen Leadership Conference does just that. We have seen incredible leaders in the Catholic Church come from this conference, including current and former staff members, missionaries, priests, sisters, and men and women with holy marriages. Around 500 teenagers come each year to have their lives transformed, but we want to see this grow. We can only do that with your support.


Inspiration is our one-day youth rally held at a Six Flags theme park. It’s a day full of fun, roller coasters, and Jesus. It’s a perfect introduction for any teen into a great youth group environment. We continue to host rallies in San Antonio and Los Angeles with around 4,000 teens attending each year. With your help we hope to expand our Inspiration events to other cities in the future.

"Just want to thank @LifeTeen for helping me grow in my faith in HS. LT played a key part in my discernment to enter seminary 4 years ago."

- Chris Mummert @chrismummert

Transforming Parishes

The Life Teen movement seeks to lead teens closer to Christ by supporting quality, catechetical, parish-based youth ministry.

Catholic Youth Ministry Training Convention

This is the elite youth ministry event in the Catholic Church. Combining exceptional training from the top leaders in youth ministry along with an life-transforming retreat experience, Life Teen’s Catholic Youth Ministry Training Convention is an event that has transformed the Church. Each year we continue to sell-out to capacity with youth ministers, Core members, DREs, and musicians. We also continue to bring in over 50 priests from around the world. This event may be the most important event transforming parishes in the young Church today.

Life Support / Edge Support / College Life Resources

Every youth night starts somewhere. We are that somewhere. When most people think of Life Teen, they think of their local parish youth ministries. And when those youth ministers start doing ministry, they start with our resources. For around 20 years, we’ve been providing relevant, orthodox, and effective resources for parishes doing youth ministry. We believe our resources are the best in the Catholic Church. With your help we can continue to grow this vital ministry and help parishes who can’t afford these resources through scholarships.

Our God is BIG and he cannot be outdone in generosity. Too often we put God in a small box and tell Him how and where He should be working. Our prayer is that we would all learn to see Him work locally and globally.