The Older Brother

In this video, we see the well-known story of the prodigal son visualized, but with a focus on the lesser-known older brother from the parable, and how we can avoid falling into the trap of not knowing the Father’s heart, as the older brother did.

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Oops! That’s Heresy!

In this video resource, a curious party-goer presents a number of questions to various party-goers about the teachings and beliefs of the Catholic Church, and encounters more than a fair share of heresy.

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One Moment

In this video resource, Bob Lesnefsky delivers a moving spoken word presentation about hope and poverty that dives into the dignity of a person and the victory that Christ brings.

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Heart of God

In this video resource tied to our annual theme, we hear a narration by God describing the depths and wonders of His heart, and how it relentlessly pursues us, as we watch a beautiful work of art come together.

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Grandpa’s Pet…Peeve

In this Edge video resource, a puppeteer masterfully acts out a story between a crotchety old man, a rambunctious dog, and disastrous Christmas decorations that all come together to focus on the aspect of someone bridging a divide for the greater good.

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Apostle Snap Story: Part IV

In the fourth and final installment of Apostle Snap Stories, Bartholomew documents the return of Jesus from the dead!

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Apostle Snap Story: Part III

In the third installment of Apostle Snap Stories, we look into Peter’s story during the capture, trial & crucifixion of Jesus.

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Apostle Snap Story: Part II

In the second installment of this video series, we look into what Snapchat Stories would have looked like in Biblical times!

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Apostle Snap Story: Part I

In the first installment of this video series, we look into what Snapchat Stories would have looked like in Biblical times!

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Shopping For Jesus

In this video, Mary & Joseph struggle with shopping for their son, Jesus. Electronics, inflatable rafts, gazebos and more are considered, but it turns out finding a gift for the 14-year-old Messiah is harder than it looks!

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