Scripture Aptitude Test

Bradley Opitz, a youth minister, heads to a Catholic High School to test some teens’ knowledge of the Scripture! Watch to see if you can pass this Scripture Aptitude Test.

Pentateuch Video Teaching

Lily Hannon, a youth minister, talks about how important it is to make sure that as we mature in life, our understanding of Scripture should mature as well. She focuses in on the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible.

Year of Faith

This video was created specifically for the “Year of Faith.” It incorporates Sacred Images, quality graphic design, and encouragement on how to enter fully into the “Year of Faith.” By Faith, countless souls have given everything to God – may we follow in their example to live by faith in Jesus Christ. Pray for faith and God will grant it to you.

Scripture Scramble

In this game of “Scripture Scramble,” you will see four events from Scripture. Your task is to put the events in order starting with the event that happened first!