Dexter Drake – Overly Ambitious

The Life Teen linebacker “Dexter Drake” is a little overly ambitious about adhering to rules. His tackling skills are definitely not limited to the football field. After being forced to go to sensitivity training, Dexter Drake learns to “respect the bubble of personal space” and that the “sign of peace should not cause bodily harm.” Watch Dexter Drake tackle his issues.

Ordinary Sainthood

Two teens share stories about their childhood: Theresa and Miguel. They are two ordinary teens who ended up becoming saints: St. Theresa of Avila and Blessed Miguel Pro. The saints were ordinary people who used their ordinary lives to glorify God.

Mystery Meet

Don’t worry, you won’t find ‘mystery meet’ in your next sandwich, but you might find it on your nearest college campus. Follow a mystery woman around a college campus as she asks some questions about mysteries. However, there is no mystery far more important than the Paschal mystery (not to be confused with Pascal’s triangle).

Eternal Life

Have you ever wondered what will happen after you die? Wonder no more. Heaven, hell, and purgatory and the differences between are explained in a concise and clear way by Deacon Matt Lowry.

Great Divide

In the beginning of creation, God and mankind were united. However, when Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge, they turned their back on God and sin entered. Watch Gretchen George (and two awkward volunteers) talk about the great divide between man and God.