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A College Student’s Prayer for Finals

Feeling overwhelmed with finals? Don’t forget to take time to pray. Keeping your focus on God is one of the best ways to deal with stress.

Here’s a prayer just for you. Bookmark it, screen-shot it, print it off… whatever will help you remember to pray it and make that important connection with God that will transform this time of anxiety into a time of peaceful perseverance.


I come to you in hope that you will be with me through the next weeks as I trudge my way through finals. Specifically, I want to ask for three things: discipline, so that I can stay focused and not procrastinate on Facebook or other things; patience, so that I acknowledge that studying takes time and I should not freak out as my brain feels like exploding; and finally for knowledge so that I know what to study. Please guide me through these last weeks of the semester and bring me through these finals filled with your joy and peace.

Thank you, Lord, and I love You. Amen.

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Ian Gaston

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I'm a freshman in college just trying to stay joyfully holy and get to heaven while singing very badly and loudly, calling my best friends "fool," and writing fantastical stories.