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Can Women Trust Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood has been in the news a lot lately. They're supporting and upholding the rights and dignity of women! . . . So they say.

That sounds wonderful and trustworthy doesn't it? They'll even give you free birth control for your acne – harmless right?

It's recently become public knowledge that Planned Parenthood provides abortions based on the gender of the baby; a practice called sex-selective abortion. Most of these abortions are done to baby girls.

Wait, What?

So Planned Parenthood says they're all about 'women's rights' and 'women's health' but are willing to abort baby girls just because they're female – because they're women.

Tell me, please, how that makes sense. I can't see how it does and it makes me very, very mad.

Does this sound like an organization you can trust?

It begs the question, if you herald women's rights, at what age do those rights begin? Is it even dependant on her age? Is it once she's born? What changes when she's born? That she's breathing on her own? Then if I stop breathing do I cease to have rights? When I die, doesn't my body still deserve to be treated with dignity? If rights are tied to the breaths you take then why honor the dead?

It only makes sense to say that a person's rights begin when they become a person – at conception.

The Lesser Gender

If you haven't seen these videos from Live Action you need to watch them right now. Last friday Congress voted on a bill (the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act) to make sure that abortions wouldn't be done because a baby isn't the right gender that the parents were hoping for.

The bill didn't pass.

That means Planned Parenthood is free to continue doing this, and President Obama said he won't condemn it.

We've done this before in history and it didn't go well. The tragedies of slavery and the Holocaust happened because one race decided they were better than another. It's something we look back upon with deep regret and shame as a human race. How could we have done those things to one another?

Yet here we are, deciding one gender is better than another and putting the deemed 'lesser' gender to death.

That makes my blood boil. Girls are being aborted just because they're girls! As mad as it makes me, it doesn't surprise me. Once I told a neighbor that my sister was expecting twins; the neighbor replied, 'Maybe she'll get her boy and girl and then she can be done all in one shot.'

Um . . . what? Heaven forbid if you can't buy a 'family 4-pack' pass to six flags because you have too many children. And it'd be tragic if you don't get to experience the blue and the pink baby shopping. In a world where you get your tubes tied after you obtain your 'perfect' family – anything goes.

Rights! Rights!

Now I'm all for women's rights! I'll be the first to tell you that I am a capable, intelligent woman that deserves equality. However . . . Planned Parenthood's appeal for 'women's rights' has been reshaped into 'abortion rights.' This tragedy has left millions of babies dead – especially girls.

How would you feel if I told you just because you were a woman you were unwanted? We know it’s wrong to discriminate in schools or in the job market because of gender, sex, race, or religion. But if you first want to be born – you have better chances if you're a male.

Doesn't anyone realize that NO ONE WOULD BE HERE if it weren't for the woman that gave birth to you? I'm pretty sure that makes women . . . like . . . really important.

The Horror of China

Whatever the phrase 'war on women' originally meant, it takes on new meaning since the public has been made aware of what's going on not just in China, but in our own backyard.

Speaking of China, the U.S. recently sheltered Activist Chen GuangCheng and then welcomed him into our country. He stood up in China against the one-child policy and was then held in house arrest and tortured for months. Our country applauded him and criticized the China’s one-child policy which leads to sex-selective abortions. But our country is allowing a similar practice to happen on our own soil.

What is wrong with this picture?

It's Not My Business

I would take a bullet for any of the amazing women in my life: for my Grandma Mary Jane, my mom, my four sisters, my nieces, best friends, aunts . . . and I would feel such a deep pain if I lost any of them. I hope you feel the same way about some of the women in your life.

We have to do something for the girls who are losing their lives because they're not the 'right' gender. These are the women that could be in our lives but are missing.

It's not an easy problem to fix; but we can't be silent. At minimum, just be aware. You have to know what Planned Parenthood is really about. Every abortion is another paycheck for them. They want to make money no matter who the victim, or what the reason.

President Obama says it's not his business; let's make it ours.

Where's This Going?

You know what, I agree with a newscaster I heard yesterday who said, it's not even about whether you're pro-life or pro-choice, this is about basic human decency.

This is a parent saying, 'I don't want you. You're not good enough because you're a girl and not a boy.'

If the abortion industry has no hesitation killing babies, then of course they have no hesitation about selecting which babies to kill and which babies deserve to live.

Planned Parenthood is targeting you, and especially you teen girls with the message that they're the ones you can trust. They say they're the ones you should go to for answers; they say they’re fighting for you. They're fighting for your trust and support.

Think about it. Can you trust a company that says they care about a woman's health and rights, but will kill her without blinking? You're lucky enough to be taking another breath right now, so you need to decide who you can trust.

I trust people whose actions match their words; what about you?

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