Fasting Has Taught Me How to Love

Your vocation, your relationships, and your friendships will not work unless you learn how to love through sacrifice.

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“Stop Checking Your Phone During Mass”: A Note to Myself

I love God and I also love football. You might be able to see why Sundays are, in my opinion, the absolute best day of the week.

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How Being the Notre Dame Leprechaun Prepared Me for Priesthood

Whether you’re a leprechaun or a priest, you don’t get to hide when the heat is on against Christ and His Church.

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The One Devotion That Totally Changed My Prayer as a Woman

The mysterious feeling that kept flooding my heart was femininity.

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Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters to Happen?

I continued to look back and forth between the TV, which was showing all of this destruction, and the window, through which I could see nothing but blue skies. It was an unsettling feeling and left me with a question you’ve probably asked a time or two: Why does God allow this to happen?

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What I Learned by Failing at Evangelization

He wasn’t listening. So eventually to keep up, I started to respond louder and sassier. People started staring at us.

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Keeping Your Faith on the Field

With the pep rallies and pom-poms though comes a tough fact: it can be a struggle to balance your playing time with your praying time.

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Calling on Mercy

Before an exam, at the end of the day, whenever the world seemed to spin a little too fast… “Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you.”

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It’s Time to Silence the Gossip

When I compare my high school experience to the movies about high school, the two have drastic differences except for one thing; gossip is still alive and well.

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Advice for Casting your First Votes

Voting is described as “morally obligatory” – that’s pretty serious.

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