Witnessing to a World that is Waiting

I believe that the best feeling in the world is getting some good news to distract you from studying. One time in college, while studying with some friends, we’d reached a point where we were spending more time on our phones than our upcoming test and I got a text […]

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A Drop in the Ocean: Why Missions Matter

As I stepped off the plane during my first mission trip, I hardly expected the ways in which my understanding of poverty was about to be challenged.

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How the Catholic Church Saved my Refugee Family

The community literally carried my family until they got on their feet. This is real, living, radical mercy.

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What I Learned by Failing at Evangelization

He wasn’t listening. So eventually to keep up, I started to respond louder and sassier. People started staring at us.

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You’re Probably Not Called to be Catholic Famous

In my time of being surrounded by enthusiastic, holy, faithful, young Catholics I’ve observed that many of us have this desire to be famous in our Catholic world.

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When To Lose Your Chill

Some of those were positive ways, but many of us deal with anger by just pushing it down inside of us or ignoring it.

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When Your Conversion is Anti-Climactic

I’d hear these talks and hear the way these people spoke about Jesus and His relentless love for them and I’d think to myself, “Does my story even matter?”

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I Am More: A Note to the Man Who Catcalled Me

You looked at me and all you saw was a thing — an object for your viewing pleasure. In your mind I was a set of body parts and nothing more.

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Translating God’s Love

God reveals His love for us in incredible ways. Sometimes, it’s through the words we hear: a homily at Mass that makes us feel like God Himself has taken over the mic to speak individually to us, or a talk that says exactly what we need to hear, exactly when […]

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Life Outside the Bubble

Long skirts. Morning prayer with the community. Some rendering of Jesus—whether in painting or statue form—staring down every corner. And crucifixes… crucifixes everywhere. It’s not a convent, but it’s the next best thing. That’s right: Catholic school. I went to Catholic school for 13 years. Jesus was everywhere. We talked […]

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