Heart of God Wallpapers

As you enter into this theme, use these wallpapers to be reminded of God’s heart, the heart that beats for you.

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Heart of God

God’s heart is for you. Don’t let that statement be a cliché or platitude. Look at it again. Let it roll over you and take you in. Embrace this divine mystery and seeming contradiction. God is a self-contained Trinity, in need of nothing. He is being itself. God has no […]

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A Teen’s DIY Guide to Starting a Small Group

Sometimes though, in order to welcome in the community God has in mind for us, we need to put in a little work on our end.

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But Why Are You “Really” Going to Life Teen?

If we really love the youth minister and then they leave, do we just find something else to do? If the youth group person we were dating breaks it off, do we avoid church to avoid seeing them?

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A Letter from Your Youth Minister

I want to write you this letter as a Youth Minister who admires, respects, loves you and deeply cares about your soul.

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Men of God, Rise Up!

Being able to journey with those summer missionaries during my week of camp, and learn from the men especially, absolutely helped make me the man I am today.

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Viva Cristo Rey Wallpaper for Phone and Desktop

New Catholic Wallpaper for your phone or computer commemorating Jose Sanchez del Rio and Miguel Pro, two Mexican saints who both died heroic deaths defending their Faith.

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From Heartbroken to Healed… All Because of the Eucharist

The beginning of my summer was like God had put me in the middle of a hurricane, and I was completely knocked down by the weight of it all.

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Mercy Reigns Wallpaper

New Catholic wallpaper for desktop and mobile – a beautiful reminder that God’s mercy reigns and covers all of our sins. Designed by Casey Olson.

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“Behold the Lamb of God” Easter Wallpaper

Check out our new Easter Catholic wallpaper for your desktop or phone!

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