Biblical Superpowers: Miracles in Acts of the Apostles

One of the reasons I love the book of Acts so much is because of the amazing miracle stories. They aren’t just high drama; many of them are also high comedy.

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4 Ways to Spread the Word: Jesus Is Risen

This is the classic “all-or-nothing” decision we have to make with Jesus. He either rose from the dead, or He didn’t; there’s no in-between.

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Now I Know What Mary Felt at the Foot of the Cross

A few months ago two people came in a health clinic in San Bernardino and shot and killed 14 people; one of those lives that were taken was my cousin.

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To the Cross I Run

His Cross: that ugly, undeserved, bloody, brutal Cross. THAT is the avenue in which He chose to redeem us. That is the avenue in which we are called to meditate and imitate.

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The Day I Told Someone Getting Drunk Doesn’t Honor St. Patrick

“I understand that you like getting wasted and see it as the ultimate exercise of young freedom, I used to think that way, too. The reality, though, is that it’s a lie. Freedom is not “doing whatever you want.”

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Is This What You Call a Fast?

Usually I do the whole fasting thing to the extreme. I still take care of myself but I give up a lot of extra things like chocolate, candy, meat, cheese, etc. the list goes on.

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My Side of the Confessional: What Is It Like for a Priest?

I told them that it was the exact opposite. There is almost no greater place to be than with someone when they are coming back to God.

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St. John Paul II Taught Me How to Die

I met a man with Parkinson’s’ Disease last week. He lay sunken into his hospital bed, face blank as he watched the tiny television screen in the corner. Slowly, he was helped to his feet. His hands shook, as is expected in patients with Parkinson’s. As he walked, his foot […]

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The Real Meaning of Faith

My understanding of faith even through high school was that if I tried hard enough to believe then maybe my faith would be strong.

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40 Quotes for 40 Days

This Lent, when you find yourself needing a little extra push to fight harder, see clearer, wait better… look no further than right here.

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