Is This What You Call a Fast?

Usually I do the whole fasting thing to the extreme. I still take care of myself but I give up a lot of extra things like chocolate, candy, meat, cheese, etc. the list goes on.

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My Side of the Confessional: What Is It Like for a Priest?

I told them that it was the exact opposite. There is almost no greater place to be than with someone when they are coming back to God.

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St. John Paul II Taught Me How to Die

I met a man with Parkinson’s’ Disease last week. He lay sunken into his hospital bed, face blank as he watched the tiny television screen in the corner. Slowly, he was helped to his feet. His hands shook, as is expected in patients with Parkinson’s. As he walked, his foot […]

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The Real Meaning of Faith

My understanding of faith even through high school was that if I tried hard enough to believe then maybe my faith would be strong.

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40 Quotes for 40 Days

This Lent, when you find yourself needing a little extra push to fight harder, see clearer, wait better… look no further than right here.

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The Lenten Sacrifice: How It Can Save Your Life

Our Lenten sacrifice gives us an opportunity to exercise our freedom and will power, building spiritual resiliency and old-fashion discipline. It is, in fact, the most powerful weapon against the strong pull towards sin.

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What 9 Catholic Men Have to Say About Abortion

“11 years ago my girlfriend at the time told me she was pregnant, but because she already had one fatherless child and I was a drunk and an addict she told me she was going to abort the baby. I was not practicing my faith back then but I knew it was wrong. I fought for her to keep the baby but in the end I gave up . . . “

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13 Thoughts of Every Person at the March for Life

So whether this is your first march or 10th here are some funny moments I feel everyone can testify to be true.

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5 Things to Know about Planned Parenthood and Why it Matters

Planned Parenthood and the media want us on their side. They want us to believe abortion is nothing more than a minor surgery. They want us to accept that abortion is about one person (the mother) instead of two (the mother and baby).

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Blessed Be God’s Holy Name

God reveals himself to us because He is our Father and we are his beloved children. Knowing His name means we can know Him. Blessed be God’s holy name, indeed.

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