The Reality About Reality TV

I used to work for E! Entertainment Television. I was the personal assistant for the director of E! News and one of my jobs was to stay on top of all things celebrity and make sure our competitors didn’t have scoops that we didn’t.

Discernment on Display: An Interview with Stacey from “The Sisterhood”

…and watching Christie, Claire, Eseni, Francesca and Stacey work, pray, and talk to the professed sisters in these two communities has given viewers an uplifting and honest look at religious life. To add to the fun, the cast has been live-tweeting the episodes. After following cast member Stacey Jackson (@StackeyJaxx), I messaged her and asked if she’d be willing to chat. She agreed, and I was so inspired to learn even more about her discernment.

Shark Week Scares

It’s finally here. The week that the Discovery Channel brings us marathon programming meant to help us better understand sharks. As I write this, a great white shark the size of a Winnebago is chomping a seal in half while guys in windbreakers film on a rocking boat. My favorite part of shark week is […]

Pretty Little Liars: Are Lies Ever Pretty or Little?

Pretty Little Liars is over for the summer and I was one of the 3 million people who tuned in last week to see what would happen to Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer.

I'm not quite sure what we'll do now without that slice of drama and suspense on Tuesday night. Maybe Teen Mom will suddenly become suspenseful. I can see it now: 'Boy or girl?' 'What's it going to be?' 'Will the name be A or Jenna?'

No, but seriously, of all the things I could say about Pretty Little Liars, there's just one thing that's been on my heart: those poor girls!!!