Known & Loved: A Playlist for Singles

I hope my playlist allows you to wind down and bask in the perfect love we are all called to, God’s love.

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Dust We Are: A Playlist for Lent

A new playlist for Catholics during Lent! Press play and enter into this beautifully rich liturgical season.

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What Football Has Taught Me About My Faith

Five years ago, if you were to have asked the question, “Do you want to watch football?” I would’ve turned my nose up at you and probably said, “ugh.” (That’s a direct quote.)

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Ok, So It’s Cold Outside: A Winter Playlist

To me this playlist feels a lot like winter. It’s up and down and end on a high note (ie: Spring – but that playlist comes in a few months).

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I’m Ready: A New Year’s Playlist

Let the melodies provided here encourage, motivate, inspire, and excite you. 2016 is a new year, full of new opportunities for change, growth, and joy.

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The Ultimate Catholic Christmas Playlist

Merry Christmas friends! I’m so excited for this beautiful season because 1) Jesus. Of course. 2) Christmas decorations. 3) Christmas cookies. 4) Christmas music all day every day!

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Hello From the Outside

I found God in Adele’s song “Hello.” Yup, the number one song on the radio, the song that has got you missing someone you don’t even know, and yes, the song that has hit you in the feels you didn’t know existed. I found Him in “Hello.”

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Catholic Movie Reviews: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In case the internet explosion hasn’t already made it glaringly obvious to you, THIS MOVIE is “the droid you are looking for.”

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Hope in Darkness: The Tension of Jesus’ Birth in a Violent World

These events remind us how fragile life is and how vulnerable we are. They frighten us. They leave us asking, “What is going on, Lord? Can’t you come and make this right? Can’t you come and fix this now? What are you waiting for?”

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Waiting on a King: An Advent Playlist

But while we wait, we don’t want to be left out of all the Christmas-Music-Excitement! So we put together a perfect playlist for Advent.

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