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It is Better for You That I Go.

I sometimes wonder what the disciples felt like when Jesus told them that he had to leave them. Probably a little confused, startled, and worried. I don’t blame them, the man they came to know and love was no longer going to be by their side. In fact, Scripture says that because of this news, grief filled the disciples hearts (John 16:6), and yet Jesus still tells them that it is “better for you that I go” (John 16:7).

I can only imagine the disciples disbelief. “What? Seriously Jesus? It is actually better for us that you go??” Jesus tells them that yes, it is better that He leaves, because only then will the Advocate come. The Advocate that Jesus promises is the Holy Spirit, who guides us into all truth (John 16:13). Jesus knew he had to leave the disciples because he had to leave to accomplish the work of salvation. It was better that Jesus left not only because he was to win victory on the cross, but also so that we would have the Holy Spirit as our guide on earth.

I often fail to let the Holy Spirit guide me into truth. In fact, sometimes I am so focused on my own way that I block the Holy Spirit from my life. The biggest obstacle of allowing the Holy Spirit to move is our will — MY WAY.

We have been sent the Holy Spirit to change us, to fight for us, and to guide us. The Holy Spirit is not meant to be the forgotten person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is God! We have such a gift in the Holy Spirit, who is always with us! What would happen if we allowed the Holy Spirit to change our lives daily? I think a lot would change.

During Pentecost, the disciples knew the Holy Spirit could change them. They allowed themselves to be changed.

Can we live like the disciples? Can we let the Holy Spirit change us? Do we trust that Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth? Are we open to receiving the gifts the Holy Spirit wants to give us?

On this great Feast of Pentecost I pray that we all may have the grace to allow the Holy Spirit to be our Advocate and to change us for God’s glory. Come Holy Spirit!

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Michelle Neitzke

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