Beauty in Weakness

I don't want to be vulnerable, weak, or needy.

Last week, I was meeting friends for lunch. I was just having one of those 'I feel crappy about myself days.' I was tempted to give the typical 'I'm good' answer when they asked me how I was.

I was afraid to look like I didn't have it all together. I wanted to be strong, competent, and in control of my life. When, in reality, I was far from it.

As I prayed on the way to meet my friends, I thought about this blog that I had been tossing around in my head and the beauty of weakness (something that always sounds way better in theory than in reality) and I decided embrace my weakness instead of hide. So I shared my heart, along with some tears, and was met me with compassion.

We don't have to run from our own weaknesses and vulnerability – because Jesus didn't. Nothing shows this more than Jesus becoming a tiny baby.

God became Man . . . as a Baby?

In one of Will Farrell’s movies, he comically leads the family meal by praying to 'Baby Jesus” . . . 'Dear 8 lb, 6 oz new born tiny baby Jesus' . . . “with your golden fleece diapers.” It's a funny scene.

But have you ever thought about '8 lb 6 oz baby Jesus'?

Think about the day God the Father told the plan to the angels that Jesus was becoming man. Imagine the shock of such a drastic turn.

Don't you think the angels might have bargained with God a little . . .

'Okay God, if you're going to become man you should go with fully grown, huge muscles, some rad warrior equipment, and armor . . . on a chariot . . . and with the trumpets-a-bLaZZING. That is the way a King and Savior should arrive . . . with style.'

Humility of God

But no . . . the shocking reality was that Jesus, the Word of God, the King of Kings, and Savior of the Universe came in silence, unseen or heard of by the world.

No trumpets were played, no Youtube videos were released, no 'likes' on Facebook were given. He entered the world not as a heroic muscular man, but as a frail vulnerable baby.

But have you ever thought of the significance of that?

Our God loved us so much, He let himself become small and vulnerable, unable to walk, drooling, baby Jesus. Who became so vulnerable and frail, and in need of Mary's nurturing. A God who let himself sit in a dirty diaper (which can be pretty nasty at times – I'm just sayin) to become one with the very heart of humanity – our needs.


Weakness Becomes Strength

Baby Jesus shows us to be human is to ache. Our God enters into humanity to know our ache, our need, our vulnerability, even onto his cry on the cross 'I thirst.'

God has made weakness into a vehicle of power through the cross.

In Second Corinthian, St. Paul talks about the power of weakness: “My power is made perfect in weakness”? And then says, “I will all the more gladly boast in my weaknesses”? And then again in verse 10 says, “For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses”? (2 Cor 12: 9-10)

Dude, that is a lot of talk about weakness!

But St. Paul isn't talking about weakness of sin. We don't boast in our failure because we are cra-cra Catholics that want to feel bad about ourselves.

We boast in our weaknesses, because when we are weak, Christ can be strong. When we realize that we are not God, we can find who is. And we can lean on His strength and not our own.

Embrace Imperfection

If you feel vulnerable, weak or imperfect . . . welcome to the human race! We all do and there’s no need to hide it. God meets us in the imperfection. He dwells in the very place we often run from. It was in the smelly stable that the Christ Child made his dwelling. In the messiness of this world's imperfection, Jesus came.

If the Christ Child makes his home in the weakness and imperfection, so can we.

So join me in embrace your humanity along with 8 lb 6oz baby Jesus. Gerber Baby has nothing on Him!

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