You’re Capable of More Than You Think

Let me begin by setting the scene. I am 5 feet 11 inches tall and weigh 215 pounds. Most of my strength is in my upper body, and I've had minor surgeries on each of my knees in the past few years. In no way do I have what most would call a typical 'runner's body'.

Catholic in the NFL: An Interview with Philip Rivers

Earlier this year I had the opportunity catch up with fellow Catholic, NFL Quarterback and 3-time Pro Bowler, Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers at the Catholic Men’s Fellowship Conference in Phoenix. Read along as we discuss faith as an NFL player, the importance of Mass and the Sacraments, temptation, Natural Family Planning and trash-talking as a Christian. Even if you’re not a football fan, you NEED to read this.

Mass is Lame.

Many of you have probably had beautiful experiences of the Mass. You have Life Teen at your parish and with it a vibrant Youth Liturgy with good music and preaching. But what happens when we go on vacation or off to college and that dynamic celebration of Mass is nowhere to be found?

5 Ways to Get Spiritually Fit This Summer

One of my favorite things to do is workout. Whether at a gym, running outside, or doing P90X in my home, I love getting my body into shape. (Now, if only I could work on my eating habits a little bit). For me there's just something about the discipline it takes, the feeling I get at the end, and the little results I can see that show me that I am getting healthier.

Help for Those Who Struggle Through Father's Day

Being a teenager without the presence of my father was a struggle. I often felt a void, longing for someone who would show me what it was to be a true man of God. As I travel around and meet a lot of teenagers, I know that many young men and women struggle in their relationship with their fathers. For those of you who have a great relationship with your dad, please take some time to honor him this Sunday. For those of you who struggle, here are some thoughts from someone who's been struggling as well.

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About College

It was a hot August day in Tempe, Arizona as I walked toward my first college class. The year was 1998, and I was hopeful about what these next 4 years would bring. I got good grades in high school and felt well prepared for what college would offer. I had already chosen to major in Communication, and as I sat down at my desk, I knew that it was only a matter of time until I would graduate and get my dream job.

It didn't take long before I realized that there was more to college than classes. It was like a whole other world, and that first semester was a real eye-opener. Some students came to class every day, while others came whenever they felt like it. Textbooks were ridiculously expensive, and for some reason every credit card company seemed to want my business. It's been 13 years since my first day in college, and looking back, there are a lot of things I wish someone had told me. Whether you are graduating or just starting to think about what school you want to attend, here are 5 thoughts that I hope will benefit you.