Joshua Madden

An Open Letter to St. Joseph

Dear Saint Joseph,

First of all, as a new dad, I've just got to ask you: how much sleep did you get? You see, while I may think my baby girl is the best and most beautiful baby (and I mean come on, she's adorable), she's no baby Jesus. Did He keep you and Mary up all night? Because the past few nights my baby girl has decided that the middle of the night is the perfect time to practice her new talent of rolling around . . . I can’t help but wonder if you experienced stuff like that . . .

As a Catholic man I've known for a while now that if there is one saint that I should get to know, if there's one resident of heaven that I should be on good terms with . . . it's you.

You knew what it really meant to be a husband, a protector, a provider, a man devoted to his wife in all the right ways. You were, and still are, the model human father in a way that no father ever was or will be.

If God the Father trusts you with His Son, Jesus, then I think I should probably learn to trust you with my life, and the life of my family.

In our world today, being a father isn't something that people think is cool, and not only that, being a father is considered a drag. The world says, 'Who would want to be a dad and waste all your time and money caring for a bunch of rugrats?'

Even when the world does acknowledge fatherhood, it belittles it. How many times do we have to see the stupid, lazy, checked-out, sitcom dad to realize this?

While I may completely disagree with that image of a father, I've got to be honest with myself and realize that this attitude is everywhere and I have to guard my heart against it. Just like the fish is the last one to realize that it lives in water, many times I am the last one to realize just what kind of atmosphere I am living in and how easily this attitude can affect me.

So here's the deal St. Joseph, I'm asking you to help me. Help me realize what a gift it is to be a father.

Help me to be a holy man, and help me to desire holiness. Help me to be a devoted husband and to lay down my life for my bride in the same way that you laid down your life for Mary, in a reflection of how Christ laid His life down for His bride, the Church.

Help me to be a loving father, and to teach my daughter to value your Son and heaven over anything on this earth.

Pray for me . . . pray for all of us.

- Joshua

Joshua Madden

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Christ came alongside me many years ago and called me home to the Catholic Church in 2008. My wife and daughter are the twin joys in my life. I live in Ave Maria, FL, and why anyone would choose to eat anything besides breakfast food is beyond me.