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20 Thoughts of a Nun-To-Be

On August 15th, 2014 I will be entering as a postulant with the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville, Tennessee. I have been my discerning my vocation for quite some time now bit have officially been accepted and preparing for entrance since November 2013. In the last 10 months I have done lots of thinking, praying, crying, and laughing about my (and the Lord’s) decision to enter the convent. Here is a little insight into the mind of someone preparing to enter the convent.

1. Will my extensive knowledge of movie quotes come in handy in the convent?

2. If I get a pedicure the day before I enter, how long will it take for the polish to wear off?

3. Will my siblings be able to take care of mom and dad? I have three adult and completely competent brothers who are successful in life — ranging from an army officer, to a sales manager, to a writer… but once they all used the same tooth brush for over a month. They only realized it when one of them dropped it in the toilet. These are who will be around to take care of my family. Should I be worried?

4. Only six pairs of “nunderwear” are allowed. Why not seven?

5. I’m not a radical person! Can I really turn my life over and upside down? The turning point in my vocation story was hearing a homily about how radical the vocation of marriage is and realizing that whatever the Lord calls us to is radical and life changing. JPII said, “Do not be afraid of the radicalness of His demands. If he asks much of you it is because he knows you can give much.”

6. Will I still get to bake cookies?

7. I think having a Netflix subscription or a shooting range could be good for the community.

8. My morning routine is going to be so much shorter.

9. Airport security is going to be a lot more interesting.

10. I’m pretty sure wearing a habit will make everything look a lot cooler. My brother in the army was sad that he didn’t get to take me out to shoot my first gun before entering the convent. He consoled himself by saying that the next he sees me, he will take me out shooting again and I’ll look a lot cooler shooting in habit. He also wants me to pin on his Ranger patch someday because no one else will have a nun on stage with them.

11. Lord, I know that you know what you’re doing but is having me wear white for the rest of my life a good idea? You know how clumsy I am.

12. Speaking of the habit, please don’t let me trip over my rosary.

13. What is the maximum number of names we can have? It’s so hard to narrow down possible names! We submit three possible choices and our reasonings. I think of a different saint everyday that I might want to have. Most of my friends and family have suggestions as well.

14. Do nuns go swimming?

15. Will I really be able to live without instant communication with friends and family? Goodbye Facebook and iPhone. Goodbye Tumblr and Pinterest. Goodbye email and phone calls and text messaging. Hello again, snail mail!

16. There will definitely be more people at my wedding than I ever imagined there would be.

17. So. Many. Layers. I hope they keep the air conditioning on all year long.

18. What would be the harm in getting a tattoo before entering? I honestly had never really thought about getting a tattoo before applying to the convent and now it is something I think about all the time!

19. Am I allowed to bring free weights with me? We are allowed to bring hobby equipment with us (musical instrument, painting, sewing, etc). Isn’t weight lifting considered a hobby? I could totally teach classes at the Motherhouse!

20. How in the world am I worthy enough to be called to do this?!

I’m not! The Lord is way too good to me and it’s hard to be believe He has something better planned for my life than I do! I never imagined anything better for my life than getting married on 12/12/12 and raising a bunch of awesome children. In the months since I’ve made this decision I can see how little my plans were and how big His plans are.

“If He calls us to slay giants, He will make us into giant slayers” (Christine Caine).

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I am a graduate of Franciscan University, an elementary school teacher, and discerning the Lord's call to religious life. I love to spend my time lifting weights, eating peanut butter, marathoning TV shows on Netflix, and striving to be a saint!