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10 MORE Fun Things to Do with Your Summer Break

I recently wrote a blog called '10 Fun Things to Do with Your Summer Break'. If you didn't read it, shame on you. Some friend you are. Just kidding. If you did, I've got a little bonus for you.

Here are 10 more fun things you can do if you're afraid of getting bored during the dog days of summer.

  1. Miniature Golf Tournament. I have always loved miniature golf. Whoever came up with the concept amazes me. Take golf, one of the hardest games to play, and add windmills, caves, and other obstacles to frustrate the most patient of people. It's amazing. If you want to have a good time this summer, setup your own version of the Masters. Dress up like real golfers, go to your local miniature golf location, and play a round. For a prize, go to your local thrift store and buy an inexpensive green jacket.
  2. Water balloon fight. Who loves water balloons? I do! Seriously though, who doesn't love water balloons? I mean they are balloons filled with water. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just go to your local store, and buy a pack or two. Fill them up with your hose and head for the local park. Then, have an all-out water balloon fight. Just be sure to pick up the scraps when you're done.
  3. Find a fun job. One of the things you may have to do with your summer is get a job. This is a good way to get used to what it's like to have a boss and be in the work place. But, who says you can't have fun while doing it? Try finding a job doing something you enjoy. I once worked for the local Little League umpiring baseball games for kids, and it was a blast. If you enjoy working with kids, try working at a store like Build-A-Bear or an amusement park. Maybe you could be a lifeguard. There are a lot of possibilities out there; you just have to be willing to do the research to find the right place for you.
  4. Backwards Day. If you really want to transform one of our summer vacation days, have a backwards day. Do everything backwards (as best you can). Have dinner for breakfast, breakfast for lunch, and lunch for dinner. Eat dessert BEFORE each meal. Wear your clothes backwards. Walk backwards. Just don't drive backwards, unless you are absolutely supposed to.
  5. Photo scavenger hunt. Get together with a group of friends and make a list of various locations in your area. The rules are simple. You split into teams and have to take a picture at each location featured. Set a time limit, and whoever does the most in the allotted time wins!
  6. Summer Camp Counselor. Maybe you don't want to get a job this summer, and your parents aren't forcing you to, but you can still do something meaningful with your days. Consider being a summer camp counselor for children. There are a variety of camps that that deal with anything from sports, to music, to arts and crafts. Giving back to the community is something that is so important and helping children is something that you'll always treasure.
  7. Host your own 'Minute to Win It' game show. Have you seen the show 'Minute to Win It'? It's pretty awesome and involves a variety of simple games that you have to try to complete within one minute. Get your friends together; setup a bunch of games, and play. If you really want to make a spectacle of it, do it on your driveway, so all your neighbors can be entertained, and have someone dress up like Guy Fieri.
  8. Invent a new game in the pool. When I was a kid, my brother and I used to invent pool games all the time. I think they were all called 'Shark', but they each had different rules. Anyway, if you're tired of Marco Polo, create some other fun games you can play. Who knows? Maybe you'll come up with your own version of 'Shark', and we'll cross paths one day.
  9. Tailgate tournament. If you've ever been to a college or professional football game, chances are that you've seen a bunch of tailgate games that people play in the parking lot. There's Cornhole, Ladder ball, Bocce Ball, and more. They are all so much fun. Get a few together and have a tournament with your friends. Make the winner a Root Beer Float.
  10. Read a spiritual book. I never loved to read in high school because most of the time, I had to read whatever the teacher assigned. While I was sure to be obedient to my teacher and work hard for good grades, I still wished that I could read something for fun. As I grew older, and reading was no longer assigned, I began to get into some good Catholic and Christian books, which helped me to learn a lot about my faith. If you're looking for something challenging and inspiring, pick up a book by a Catholic or Christian author. You can check out our Life Teen Store for some great options.

We at Life Teen, we hope you all have a great, fun, and holy Summer Break. We hope to see many of you at any of our events with your parish this summer. Above all, please know that you are constantly in your prayers, and we love all of you very much.

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